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Whispering Wings
Personalized & Customized

Memorial Wind Chimes


When the Heart Listens ...   Angels Sing 

Ellen Chime2.jpg

Signature Poem

"I will always be with you 

Though your eyes may not see

You will know that I am near

When my wings create a breeze" 

Dog Chime.JPG
Madoonnas Mom Blurred.jpg

Scroll & Feather 

Each chime comes with a personalized
scroll & feather that reads:


Dear __________

"As my soul takes flight on new found wings, I have shed a feather to wipe away your tears of grief and saddness and share with you that death does not end life, it only changes form.  I will still be with you during the difficult times as well as the celebrations. When my wings create a breeze, the chime will create a beautiful sound made just for you from me.  

                                         ~ Love ______


Scroll Feather.JPG

  Why send Whispering Wings instead of Flowers ?

  • It's completely unique and different from any other gift.

  • It's meant to appear as a final good-bye from their loved one.

  • It will last long after the flowers have died.

  • It's less expensive than flowers but will last longer.

  • It shows you put some thought into a gift  to remember their loved one.

  • Will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Gerri Leonelli.png

Gerri Leonelli

Kathy, I cannot believe this angel, it is unbelievable! That picture of Darlene is so awesome and how you did the  Democrat and the Kearns streetlight is amazing.  You are so sweet, thank you so much for making that so special.  

alesa smith.jpg

Alesa Smith 

Kathy your angels are amazing. I've bought several pieces for gifts and they have all been loved. Kathy is so awesome she has donated angels to my hospice company. You are one in a million. 

2015-08-03 21.57.31.jpg


 I believe that KATHY is truly a bridge between realms...For those of us who grieve, to connect to those we've lost. She is a gift, and I am a blessed recipient of her talents and kind heart. 
The wind chimes are beyond beautiful~

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